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Black 'Coir' Fibre Filling

Ref: FI-BCFmaster

Coir Fibre - Black

Coir Fibre - Black

Coir Fibre - Black

This filling is also known as Polished Black Fibre. and is a substitute for the hair filling. It is made from the husk of the coconut but with a black polished finish giving its long curling fibres a springy resilience and durability
The long curling fibres have a good springy resilience and durability.
It is mainly used as a 'first stuffing' , but can be used as a second stuffing if Hair is not available.

Available in 1kilo packs, 4kilo packs, and 10kilo Trade Sacks

The amount of filling used in a piece of furniture depends on a lot of different factors and an upholsterer will have a large sack beside the workbench and just take what he/she needs using experience to get the effect required.
But as a rough guide for a first stuffing you would need approx. 0.5 kilo for a drop-in Dining Seat: 1-1.5kilos for a Stuff-over Dining Seat. and 2-4kilos for an Armchair Seat

Fillings should be held in place with Lightweight Hessian or Scrim
Cotton/Wool Felt or Skin Wadding is used a barrier to stop the fibre working its way to the top Fabric.

Choose Pack Size and Quahtity
1 Kilo Pack 15.99(Inc. VAT).
4 Kilo Pack 54.15(Inc. VAT).
10 kilo Trade Sack 108.25(Inc. VAT).

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