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Webbing Stretcher - Beechwood £14.99 inc.vat.


Webbing Stretcher - Beechwood

Webbing Stretcher - BeechwoodWebbing Stretcher - Beechwood

Webbing Stretcher - Beechwood

Traditional Beechwood Webbing Stretcher for tensioning webbing.The webbing is looped through the slot and held by the dowel allowing you to adjust the tension. The rebate on one side of the Webbing Stetcher is for holding it against the frame.


Length: 28cm (11")
Overall width at slot: 9cm (3.75")
Slot 6cm x 1.2cm

Webbing must be taut on seats and backs to provide a firm platform for upholstery, so a webbing stretcher is an important part of any upholsterers kit.
Use 15mm Improved tacks to hold the webbing in place.

Price: 14.99 (Inc. VAT).

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