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Furniture Glides - Screw Fix

Ref: GLFSS20master

Felt Cushion Glide - Screw Fix

Felt Cushion Glide - Screw FixFelt Cushion Glide - Screw FixFelt Cushion Glide - Screw Fix

Felt Cushion Glide - Screw Fix



A dense felt pad fitted into a steel base and attached to your furniture with a screw.

Designed for heavy use to prevent chair legs/ furniture from scratching wood & stone flooring
Ideal for restaurants, cafes and meeting halls.

Available in packs 4, Packs 50 and Trade Box 100

Diameter: 20mm: 25mm: 28mm: or 30mm:
Height excluding screw: 8mm
Screw 10mm long and 2mm diameter

It is advisable to drill a pilot hole for the screw, especially if tne furniture is made from hard wood.

Choose Diameter and Pack Size

20mm Pack 4 2.30(Inc. VAT).
20mm Pack 50 19.75(Inc. VAT).
20mm Box 100 33.65(Inc. VAT).
25mm Pack 4 2.85(Inc. VAT).
25mm Pack 50 24.15(Inc. VAT).
25mm Box 100 41.15(Inc. VAT).
28mm Pack 4 3.30(Inc. VAT).
28mm Pack 50 28.10(Inc. VAT).
28mm Box 100 47.90(Inc. VAT).
30mm Pack 4 3.80(Inc. VAT).
30mm Pack 50 32.10(Inc. VAT).
30mm Box 100 54.70(Inc. VAT).

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