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Decorative Nail Hammer £49.99 inc.vat.

Ref: TOMH36master

Decorative Nail Hammer  36

Decorative Nail Hammer  36

Decorative Nail Hammer 36

This is a double headed hammer, one end having a replaceable nylon tip, preventing damage to the heads of decorative and crystal headed nails
The other end has a narrow magnetic head,(very useful for getting small tacks and gimp pins into awkward places).

A replacement Nylon Head is available, should the old head become damaged through constant use.


To stop the head of a decorative nail being damaged when knocking it in place, use the Nylon Tip of the Decorative Nail Hammer.

Choose Product and Quantity
Decorative Nail Hammer ref. 36 49.98(Inc. VAT).
Nylon Head Replacement 4.99(Inc. VAT).

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