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Enamelled Nail White HG21

Ref: DNEWmaster

Enamell Nail - White (HG21)

Enamell Nail - White (HG21)

Enamell Nail - White (HG21)

Coloured Enamelled Nails are an interesting alternative to nails with a metalic finish. Apart from upholstery they are also used in Art, Craft and Interior Design projects.
To make more of a statement use a mixture of colours.
Available in packs of 50 Nails or Trade Boxes of 1000 Nails

Head Diameter - 11mm
Head Hieght - 2.58mm
Shank Lenght - 13mm

Upholsterers Tips

Enamelled Nails are very popular as an edging or trimming when using Vinyl Fabrics.

Choose Option And Quantity
Handy Pack 50 - 3.96(Inc. VAT).
Trade Box 1000 - 31.70(Inc. VAT).

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