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Foam (FR) Trade Sheets 150cm x 200cm

Ref: FSmaster

Foam Sheets

Foam Sheets

Foam Sheets

Our Standard Blue Upholstery Foam (V33H) can be supplied in Trade Sheets, approximately 2mt x 1.5mt (78" x 59")
The foam can be marked out usinga ballpoint pen or a felt tipped pen, and can be cut using an Electric Carving Knife or Serrated Bread Knife.

Due to its size the foam may arrive folded, and will need as few hours to recover, after the parcel is opened.

7-10 days Delivery

Choose Size and Quantity
200cm x 150cm x 1cm ----Trade Sheet - 30.75(Inc. VAT).
200cm x 150cm x 2.5cm - Trade Sheet - 66.25(Inc. VAT).
200cm x 150cm x 4cm ----Trade Sheet - 99.30(Inc. VAT).
200cm x 150cm x 5cm ----Trade Sheet - 132.45(Inc. VAT).

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