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Lapping Cane (5mm) Repair Kit


Lapping Cane (5mm)  Repair Kit.

Lapping Cane (5mm)  Repair Kit.Lapping Cane (5mm)  Repair Kit.

Lapping Cane (5mm) Repair Kit.

A wider 5mm flat cane used to replace/repair the flat cane wrapped round cane furniture. It is also used in basketry and finishing handles.
This cane should not be use dry as it can be brittle. To raise its moisture content, drop the cane in a bucket of water for about 15 minutes.

Repair Kit compises of:
3 Lenghts of 5mm Glossy Cane each approx. 3mt long.
12 Fawn Gimp Pins.
Instruction Sheet.

Price: 9.25 (Inc. VAT).

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