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Magnetic Hammer


Magnetic Hammer

Magnetic HammerMagnetic HammerMagnetic Hammer

Magnetic Hammer

The most important tool for an upholsterer.
Our high quality Double Headed Magnetic Hammer has a forged fine grain high carbon steel head and a hickory shaft.
The magnetic head is used to pick up, hold and place the tack. The non magntic head is used as an ordinary hammer.

RRP. £20.98 inc vat Check our price!!!


Weight 7oz (190g)
Handle length: 25cm
Head width: 14cm
Magntic head:12mm x 9mm oval
Non magntic head 12mm diameter


The magntic head holds a tack, leaving your other hand free to hold the fabric in place.
The non magnetic end is used as a normal hammer

Price: 16.99 (Inc. VAT).

click here for Magnetic Hammer video

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