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Piping Cord - WASHABLE

Ref: PCWDmaster

Piping Cord - Washable

Piping Cord - WashablePiping Cord - Washable

Piping Cord - Washable

Product Information
A Washable, and Dry Cleanable Piping Cord made from a non-woven core, spirally bound to produce a smooth, firm but flexible piping cord.

Available in FOUR diameters in 10mt or 50mt packs and Trade Rolls.
3mm Diameter - Trade Roll 600mt
4mm Diameter - Trade Roll 500mt
5mm Diameter - Trade Roll 350mt
6mm Diameter - Trade Roll 250mt

Choose Diameter and Quantity
3mm Dia.- 10mt Pack 1.70(Inc. VAT).
3mm Dia. - 50mt Pack 4.80(Inc. VAT).
3mm Dia. - TRADE ROLL 48.00(Inc. VAT).
4mm Dia. - 10mt Pack 1.70(Inc. VAT).
4mm Dia. - 50mt Pack 4.80(Inc. VAT).
4mm Dia. - TRADE ROLL 42.00(Inc. VAT).
5mm Dia. - 10mt Pack 2.55(Inc. VAT).
5mm Dia. - 50mt Pack 7.20(Inc. VAT).
5mm Dia. - TRADE ROLL 36.00(Inc. VAT).
6mm Dia. - 10mt Pack 2.75(Inc. VAT).
6mm Dia - 50mt Pack 7.50(Inc. VAT).
6mm Dia. - TRADE ROLL 27.00(Inc. VAT).

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