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Cotton Piping Cords

Ref: PCSTTmaster

Cotton Piping Cord

Cotton Piping Cord

Cotton Piping Cord

Unbleached Cotton Piping Cord is a popular Piping Cord used by many upholsterers.
Available in three thickness 5mm, 4mm, and 3mm diameter.

Sold by the metre or in trade rolls (note the trade rolls are an approximate size) - see below

Choose Option and Quantity
Thick (5mm) per metre - 0.40(Inc. VAT).
Thick (5mm) 140mt Trade Roll - 19.20(Inc. VAT).
Medium (4mm) per metre - 0.40(Inc. VAT).
Medium (4mm) 180mt Trade Roll - 19.20(Inc. VAT).
Fine (3mm) per metre - 0.40(Inc. VAT).
Fine (3mm) 250mt Trade Roll - 19.20(Inc. VAT).

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