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Staples Type 53 (2000pk or 5000pk) - from £2.99.

Ref: STAP532

Staples Type 53

Staples Type 53

Staples Type 53

Available in packs of 2000 staples, or boxes of 5000 staples.
Fine Wire Galvanised Staples (used in most upholstery)11.35mm wide designed for use with our range of Staple guns - Tacwise Z1-53 and Tacwise Z3-53 Hand Staple Guns, the Maestri 53 and Tacwise Hobby Electric Staple Guns.

The 8mm leg staples are also available in STAINLESS STEEL.

Can also be used with the following staple guns.
If in doubt, it should be marked on your gun which type of staple to use.

Z3-53, Z3-53L, Z3 4-in-1 Tacker, Hobby 53L,

Stanley TR45, TR45K, 69-702, 69-720,69-721, ST10, ST14,

Arrow JT21, T27

Rapid R253, R353,R453, ESN530, MS835, E100R, R553, MS4.1, MS610, M20R,M40 ,M30 PS6-16

Esco 10, 20, 30 and 40,

Maestri 53 (except size 4mm and 6mm)

and many more - it should be marked on your gun which type to use

The number after '53' refers to the length of the staple leg.
Small and large boxes available

Note 4mm and 6mm sizes not suitable for Maestri Electric Staple Guns

4mm Leg - Pack 2,000 2.99(Inc. VAT).
6mm Leg - Pack 2,000 3.35(Inc. VAT).
6mm Leg - Box 5,000 5.99(Inc. VAT).
8mm Leg - Pack 2,000 3.99(Inc. VAT).
8mm Leg - Box 5,000 6.99(Inc. VAT).
10mm Leg - Pack 2,000 4.99(Inc. VAT).
10mm Leg - Box 5,000 7.99(Inc. VAT).
12mm Leg - Pack 2,000 5.99(Inc. VAT).
12mm Leg - Box 5,000 9.99(Inc. VAT).
8mm Leg STAINLESS STEEL - Pack 2,000 6.99(Inc. VAT).

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