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Taco Beds - Red

Ref: 213567

Taco Beds - Red

Taco Beds - RedTaco Beds - RedTaco Beds - RedTaco Beds - Red

Taco Beds - Red

Taco Beds are perfect for pooches and cats who love getting snuggle in at bed time and a day time snooze

Taco beds have 3 different function and shapes

1. Laid out flat for in your car or on your bed and sofa
2. Clip three sides together in the middle to make the Taco shape
3. Clip all four sides together to make a holdall for traverling somewhere, you can keep toys and blankets etc in it.

Taco Beds are made with hard wearing fabrics on the outer and a soft fleece inner, they are machine washable at 30°c

Price: 49.95 (Inc. VAT).

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