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Tension Springs

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Tension Springs

Tension SpringsTension Springs

Tension Springs

Upholstery Tension Springs are manufactured with a plastic covering and used for seats only.The cloth covered Tension Springs made for Parker Knoll are no longer available.
If the cover splits through wear or over stretching the bare wire can damage the cushion covers.
Our Tension springs are plastic covered and 1/2" diameter, They stretch between 1/2" and 1" when fitted.

The size (length) of the tension spring refers to the overall size including the hooks.

10% discount is applied if you buy 5 or more Tension Springs of the same size.
The discounted price shows up in the checkout.

Modern metal 'Side Plates' are available for fitting Tension springs, and can easily be used to replace the now unavailable 'Parker Knoll Side Webs'.

Choose Size and Quantity - price per spring
Tension Spring 14.75"(37.5cm) long 3.60(Inc. VAT).
Tension Spring 15.75"(40cm) long 3.80(Inc. VAT).
Tension Spring 16.75"(42.5cm long 3.99(Inc. VAT).
Tension Spring 17.75"(45.1cm) long 4.60(Inc. VAT).
Tension Spring 18.75"(47.6cm) long 4.75(Inc. VAT).
Tension Spring 19.75"(50.2cm) long 4.95(Inc. VAT).
Tension Spring 20.75"(52.7cm) long 5.20(Inc. VAT).


Tension Spring Side Plates Flat - per pair

Tension Spring Side Plates Flat - per pair

Tension Spring Side Plates Flat - per pair

Used to hold the tension springs in place, they are nailed to the side rails of chair seats .These plates are 18" long and 1" wide, with 9 holes for the springs.

Use standard 1" wire nails to hold the side plates in place (not supplied).
They can successfully be used to replace the cloth webbing with eyelets as used in older Parker Knoll chairs and sofas.

Sold in pairs.

Price: 7.20 (Inc. VAT).

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