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Upholstery Foam 10cm Thick

Ref: FO-10master

 10cm (4

 10cm (4")  Thick Upholstery Foam

10cm (4") Thick Upholstery Foam


V33H Blue - Medium density firm feeling foam widely used for seating and various upholstery uses.
Suggestions for use - Seat Cushion Interiors - Bench Seating. Mattress

Metric to Imperial. approx.
40cm = 15.75"
45cm = 17.50"
50cm = 19.75"
60cm = 23.75"
75cm = 29.50"
100cm = 39.25"
150cm = 59.00"
200cm = 78.75"

Upholstery Foam 10cm/4" thick can be supplied cut to your size, phone for a quote.

Upholstery Foam can be cut with a Serrated Bread Knife or and Electric Carving Knife, joined with our Spray Adhesive, and should be lined with Polyester Lining. (see Below)

Choose Size and Quantity
40cm x 40cm x 10cm --- 14.15(Inc. VAT).
45cm x 45cm x 10cm --- 17.88(Inc. VAT).
50cm x 50cm x 10cm --- 22.10(Inc. VAT).
55cm x 55cm x 10cm --- 26.70(Inc. VAT).
60cm x 60cm x 10cm --- 31.80(Inc. VAT).
100cm x 50cm x 10cm -- 44.15(Inc. VAT).
100cm x 60cm x 10cm -- 52.98(Inc. VAT).
100cm x 75cm x 10cm -- 66.25(Inc. VAT).
150cm x 50cm x 10cm -- 66.25(Inc. VAT).
150cm x 60cm x 10cm -- 79.50(Inc. VAT).

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