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Webbing - Rubber 38mm (1.5") Wide BEIGE


Size: per Meter £6.99

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Rubber Upholstery Webbing (also known as Pirelli webbing) is made from rubber and cord. The rubber provides the resilience and the cord the degree of elasticity and additional reinforcements. It is suggested that for an average chair seat the degree of stretch should be 10%. Used on Ercol Furniture and small Armchairs.

Rubber Webbing should be used with the dull/textured side on top to help prevent cushions from slipping.

Sold by the meter or at a discout in 10mt rolls.


Width: 38mm / 1 1/ 2"  Thickness: 


There is no need to use 'Webbing Stretcher' on this webbing, it can easily be pulled tight by hand. Rubber webbing can be cut lengthways without fear of fraying. Some pieces of furniture have quite narrow rubber strips.

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