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11mm 'Brass-Black' Powder Coated Upholstery Nail.


Size: Handy Pack 50

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Our 'Brass-Black' Powder Coated Nail is 11m in diameter, with a brass and black speckled finish. This round domed upholstery nail gives a special edge to your project. It is available in our Handy Packs of 50 or Trade Boxes of 500.

Powder Coating is applied as dry powder through an electrostatic process, then cured with heat. It is well known for providing durability and a high-quality finish.

  • Size.
  • Diameter: 11mm
  • Dome Height: 3.5mm
  • Shank Length: 13mm

Upholsterers Tip. Remember to use our Nylon Tipped Decorative Nail Hammer, or cover your hammer with a cloth so as not to damage the head of the nail when putting them  in.

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