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Upholstery Nail Strips - 11.3mm Dia. 'BRASS PLATED'


Size: 3mt Pack Plus 60 matching nails.

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Our Nail Strip is made in 1mt lengths of 'nail heads', 11.3mm is the diameter of the nail head. It is a  fast and easy way of 'Close Nailing' (A traditional way of edging you furniture instead of a Braid Trimming). Our Nailstrip can be bent around curves and corners just like braid, and is held in place using the individual nails at set points in the strip.

The Nailstrip is available in 3 x 1mt packs with 60 matching nails, or 40 x 1mt packs with 1000 matching nails.

Our Brass Plated Nailstrip is gold in colour.

Matching Extra Nails are Available ref. DN130BPP (highlight the ref. number and move it to 'Search' for a quick find)

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