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9.5mm 'FRENCH NATURAL' Round Low Domed Decorative Upholstery Nails

SKU: DN-10013FNP

Size: Handy Pack 50 Nails

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Our Low Domed upholstery nail with a 'French Natural' finish (Light/Mid Brown). Used a lot on French furniture is available in Handy Packs of 50 or Trade Boxes 1000.
Head: 9.5mm diameter.  Dome: 3mm.  Shank length: 13mm
Use the small end of the QUICKNAILER to hold the nail in place. The DECORATIVE NAIL HAMMER prevents damage to the nail head when the Nylon head is used. If your only fitting a few nails, stick elastoplaster over the non magnetic head of your MAGNETIC HAMMER to prevent undue damage to the nails.

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