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Reflex Seating Foam 12.5cm (5") Thick - Firm Quality

SKU: FO-R1255050

Size: Reflex Foam Firm - 50cm x 50cm x 12.5cm **

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Reflex Seating Foam 12.5cm (5") Thick - Firm Quality

Reflex Foam is well known superior foam made by by Vitafoam, and used in all the foam cushions in quality furniture.
It is used because of its instant recovery after use, and because it maintains its shape and resilience for many years.
Foam can be trimmed to the correct shape and size using a serrated breadknife or and electric carving knife (as used by many professional upholsterers)
Reflex Foam is Flame Retardant and Melamine free
For the Technically Minded
Fire Retardancy: Schedule 1, Part 1 of the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations 1988 S.I.
Density: 40-42Kg/M3
Hardness:130/160 Newtons

UPHOLSTERERS TIP cut the foam about 1/2cm bigger all round to make sure the interior fills out the cover correctly.
Before putting foam into a cover it is strongly recommended that it is covered with polyester lining (135grm) 4oz or (305grm) 9oz for an extra domed look, cover the cushion and polyester with stockinette for protection. The polyester and stockinette can be held in place with our Foam Spray Adhesive.

**  Bulky item, 5/7 days despatch, and has an additional supplement of £3.00 carriage charge.

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