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Tension Springs


Size: Tension Spring 14.75"(37.5cm) long

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The cloth covered Tension Springs made for Parker Knoll are no longer available and if the cover splits through wear or over stretching the bare wire can damage the cushion covers.

Our Upholstery Tension Springs are plastic covered and 1/2" diameter, and they stretch between 1/2" and 1" when fitted. The size (length) of the tension spring refers to the overall size including the hooks. Modern metal 'Side Plates' are available for fitting Tension springs, and can easily be used to replace the now unavailable 'Parker Knoll Side Webs.

How to choose the correct size Tension Spring.

Measure between the Eyelets (if using the original cloth side webs) or Holes (if using new metal Side Plates) for each spring required. Then find the nearest size down from your measurement to acsertain the correct size of spring required in that area. A seat may have a number of different length springs depending on shape of the seat.

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