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Coir Fibre (Ginger)


Size: 1 kilo Pack

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Our TRADITIONAL upholsterers Coir Fibre Filling is also known as, ginger fibre or coconut fibre. An economical stuffing or filling made from the husk of the coconut. The long curling fibres have a good springy resilience and durability. It is often used by upholsterers as a 'first stuffing'
Available in 1kilo packs, 5kilo packs.
The amount of filling used in a piece of furniture depends on a lot of different factors and an upholsterer will have a large sack beside the workbench and just take what they need, using experience to get the effect required. But as a rough guide for a first stuffing you would need approx.0.5 kilo for a drop-in Dining Seat: 1-1.5kilos for a Stuff-over Dining Seat. and 2-4kilos for an Armchair Seat. Fillings should be held in place with Lightweight Hessian or Scrim, and Cotton/Wool Felt or Skin Wadding is used a barrier to stop the fibre working its way to the top Fabric.

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