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Grey Animal 'Horse' Hair


Size: 500g Pack (£18.90)

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The TRADITIONAL Horse Hair is now widely used to describe a mixture of hogs hair and horse mane. Pure horse tail or mane hair being difficult to obtain and extremly expensive. Our Horse Hair is a mixture of 80% hogs hair and 20% Horse Mane Hair, making a good filler for both first, but mainly, as a second stuffing. It is easy to use and shape.
Available in 500grm packs, and 2kilo packs.
The amount of filling used in a piece of furniture depends on a lot of different factors and an upholsterer will have a large sack beside the workbench and just take what he/she needs using experience to get the effect required. But as a rough guide 250 grms. for a drop-in Dining Seat: 500grms. for a Stuff-over Dining Seat (second stuffing). and 2 kilos for an Traditional Armchair Seat (second stuffing) Fillings should be held in place with Lightweight Hessian or Cotton/Wool Felt or Skin Wadding is used a barrier to stop the fibre working its way to the top Fabric.

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