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Double Cone Upholstery Springs


Size: 4"(10cm) high x 9 gauged - each: £1.75

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Double Cone Upholstery Springs are used throughout Traditional Upholstery and good quality modern furniture. There are various gauges (thickness ) of wire used, as a general guide they are used as follows: 9 gauge (3.65mm) are used for chair and sofa seats.10 gauge (3.25mm) are used for dining seats, small chair seats and sofa backs. 12 gauge (2.64mm) the thinnest are used for sofa and chair arms. As a rough guide the diameter across the top and bottom of the springs approx. 3.5"/9cm for springs 4" and 5" high 4"/10cm for springs 6",7" and 8" high 4.5"/11cm for springs 9" and 10" high

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